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93.20 Podcast branding

I'm a Manchester City season ticket holder - no seriously I have the grey hair from the years of nothingness to prove it. Fortunately the last few years have been good to us so it was a pleasure to be asked by the team behind the brilliant City Watch podcast to create an identity for their new 93.20 podcast.  

Aimed at City fans across the world, the identity is based around the iconic moment Sergio Aguero scored the 2012 title winning goal. The client had a super quick two-day turn around to meet their launch date so working with their established colour palette I presented a range of solutions including some that were purely typographic. 

The final identity works in a number of ways. It cleverly incorporates the lines on a football pitch and an outline of a football whilst also alluding to a microphone. It is both contemporary and retro. Deliverables included a range of digital documents, social media icons. We are currently working together on future designs for a range of t-shirts.

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